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Devonshire Gate

Devonshire Gate is a thriving business initiative established by the Disney family, focused on providing quality business accommodation at a strategic location adjacent to the M5 corridor.

A history of success

Several buildings at Jersey Farm were converted in the early 2000s, and are owned and managed by the family, David and Janet Disney, daughter Karen Hassan, and son Martin Disney.

Karen manages Swallow Court.

Jersey Farm is an ongoing and successful business focusing primarily on sheep farming.

David is also a director of Sheep Improved Genetics Ltd.

An ethical focus

The family’s ethical focus comes through in their developments. During the conversion of the farm buildings, provision was made to allow the swallow and house martin populations to continue their occupancy. Protecting the Swallows’ habitat stimulated the name change to Swallow Court.

This approach can be seen in the concept and planning for The Curve.